Shimadzu Trinias C16 Unity

The Trinias unity edition Ceiling Mounted system has been developed for optimal support of cardiovascular procedures with easy positioning and excellent visibility of fine blood vessels and devices across the entire field of view.
Ceiling mounted flat panel cardiovascular system equipped with a 16 inch FPD


The advanced design of the Trinias unity edition ceiling mounted C-arm provides transverse movement for easy Radial and Brachial approach, providing fingertip-to-fingertip coverage during examinations.

The transverse movement is easily activated by simply moving the C-arm control joystick in the desired direction at any stage throughout a procedure.


Reflecting years of experience, Trinias unity edition has been meticulously developed in conjunction with our customers.
A true Crossover Cardiovascular System, the Trinias unity edition is designed to provide full body imaging with a choice of flat panel sizes to best match your clinical requirements –

  •  C8   – 8 x 8 inch (20×20 cm) FPD
  • C12 – 12 x 12 inch (30×30 cm) FPD
  • C16 – 12 x 16 inch (30×40 cm) FPD

Featuring new software and hardware, the new unity edition allows you to fully experience just how much more advanced and powerful the system is and how it supports even less invasive procedures, providing improved patient care

The SCORE PRO Advance high-speed image processing unit was designed based on a concept of low exposure dose and high image quality and features a state-of-the-art motion tracking noise reduction (NR) function.
The resulting high-quality images obtained by using Shimadzu’s real-time image processing technology provide support for advanced interventional procedures

SCORE StentView and StentShot
SCORE StentView+Plus is advanced software developed to support PCI procedures based on real-time image processing technology.

SCORE StentView+Plus displays an enhanced image of stents in a fixed position in real-time which is particularly effective in assessing positional relationships between overlapping stents, or when re-expanding a stent using a balloon.

In cases with more than 2 markers, the region of interest (ROI) may be selected in order to provide improved automatic detection and to reduce procedure times.

SCORE StentShot provides a detailed stent enhanced image which is highly effective for observing more detail, such as checking for broken stents. Working with both StentView and StentShot will help improve PCI procedures.

The Trinias unity edition provides DSA in addition to the standard cardiac and DA imaging. This includes the provision for contrast medium and CO2 examinations with optional stage DSA for peripheral stepping. (SCORE Chase – Option)

Flexible Active Pixel Shift (Flex-APS) in DSA imaging, saves time by automatically adjusting three-dimensional miss registration caused by body movement, including twist motion, providing enhances image detail.
The DSA includes a comprehensive set of processing tools that result in excellent DSA images

SCORE RSM is a motion tolerant DSA technique achieved through Shimadzu’s high-speed, real time digital image processing technology.
SCORE RSM is particularly effective in bolus chasing in extremities and abdominal examinations when patients have difficulty remaining still.
When used in conjunction with the C-arm Procession or Pendulum modes, a reduction in radiation dose and contrast medium to the patient can be achieved.

SCORE CHASE – Peripheral Image
Acquired images using SCORE RSM are automatically stitched together into a single overview image. Interactive positioning between the image and patient position facilitates improved patient care.

SCORE Navi/Navi+Plus
SCORE Navi/Navi+Plus is an application that utilizes preprocedure images to support minimally invasive interventions.
By synchronizing the C-arm projections to pre-procedure MDCT images, the system enables these MDCT images to be used as a reference during interventions, reducing contrast media usage and X-ray dose.
Registration of the MDCT images and the fluoroscopy images is easily achieved and the software can overlay images onto fluoroscopy, providing a map function.
The Navi+Plus application includes a virtual stent feature that allows you to simulate the stent size and placement position before carrying out a procedure.

SMART Design
The flexible C-arm design as well as the overall system design is optimised for one-touch actions to help facilitate advanced interventions.
The ceiling-mounted C-arm (C8/C12/C16) provides full body imaging without moving the patient, thanks to the 190cm longitudinal and 210cm transverse coverage.

The system has been designed for single-action performance, making control in the examination and control rooms as intuitive as possible.
The all new SMART Touch bedside digital console enhances the physicians experience with more than 60 one-touch customizable functions available for selection.
A choice of lever-type Joystick or single-handed CyberGrip control consoles is available to best match your preference. (Configuration dependent)
The intuitive DirectMemory graphics controller provides direct access to registered clinical angles and easily set position memories during procedures.

SMILE Dose-eye
Shimadzu’s SMILE concept is primarily about concern for patient and operator comfort and safety in terms of reducing radiation and improving reliability. The concept is intended as a total solution to ensure safety and peace of mind, which benefits both patients and operators.

High-speed setup – Full system functionality within 2 minutes of power on.
Data Mirroring – Image data mirroring provides a redundant data architecture.
Backup Filament – If one filament fails, the other filament automatically takes over to complete the examination.