Del Medical OTC 18M

The OTC18M Radiographic System delivers enhanced patient comfort and optimized workflow. Precisely designed to withstand high volume throughput in hospital radiology departments, medical imaging centers and large orthopedic facilities with the need to perform a broad range of radiographic studies.


Intuitive Control

A conveniently placed all-lock release sensor is located just above the bottom section of the tube head handle. This sensor enables rapid manual positioning by allowing the user to simply grab the bottom handle to unlock the system and make swift adjustments.


Accelerates patient positioning and reduces radiation exposure by automatically selecting the proper field-of-view for each body part. This feature is available through the DelWorks DR acquisition software’s pre-programmed APR settings.

Vertical and SID Tracking

Synchronized motorized movement of the tube crane’s vertical axis maintains precise centering between the X-ray tube and image receptor.  Available functions include vertical tracking to the wall stand, SID tracking to the elevating table, or horizontally positioned wall stand. The result is quick, accurate alignment without the extra time and effort needed to make additional manual adjustments.

Elevating Table

The durable EV800 elevating four-way float top table delivers outstanding safety and usability. Featuring an exclusive four-point lift system and exceptionally quiet motor-drive, its smooth, scratch resistant table top lowers to a height of just 22” to ensure stress-free patient transfers and adjustments. Offering a high patient weight capacity of up to 800lbs (363 kg), stable continuous movement is possible through conveniently placed recessed foot treadles and table-side controls, suitable for increasing technologist performance and satisfaction.

Tilting Wall Stand

The VT300 wall stand features a tilting image receptor, promoting comfort and precision for standing or seated examinations. Every adjustment is precisely counterbalanced to allow smooth operation with light effort applied by the technologist. This makes the VT300 accommodating to all users regardless of size or strength.

Optional Rotating Tray

The easy-to-use rotating tray enables manual rotation of the DR detector for use inside all Del manufactured tables and wall stands. Stable one-handed operation supports fast portrait to landscape positioning without ever removing the detector from the tray. Fully extended steel slides activate locking mechanisms to assure detector protection when loading and unloading. Designed to accommodate a wide array of ISO 14 x 17” cassette-sized detectors.


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Del Medical OTC18m


Technical Specications
Vertical telescopic travel range:
Longitudinal travel range:
Transverse travel range:
Longitudinal detent positions:
Tube rotation range (horizontal axis):
Tube rotation range (vertical axis):
Power requirements:
OTC18M Tube Crane
70.8″ (180 cm) with minimum 32.7″ (83 cm) focal spot to ceiling distance / 15.5” (39.4 cm)
focal spot to oor distance with a 9′ ceiling height
Standard 14′ rail included, 136.2″ min. (346 cm)
With optional rail extensions: 219.9″ max (558.5 cm)
Standard 10′ Bridge with 9.8′ (0.3 cm) transverse carriage: 86.6″ min. (220 cm)
With 13′ bridge & 13.1′ (0.4 cm) transverse carriage: 139.7″ max. (355 cm)
Congurable during installation
-120°, +120°, Detent positions at -90°, 0°, +90°
-182°, +154°, Detent positions at -180°, -90°, 0°, +90°
Approximately 507 lbs. (230 kg) with tube & collimator
100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz, 3.6 Amps
Patient load capacity:
Table base length:
Table base width:
Total tabletop movement:
Variable height:
Total Bucky travel:
Tabletop length:
Tabletop width:
Power requirements:
EV800 Radiographic Table
800 lbs. (363 kg)
53″ (135 cm)
25″ (64 cm)
Longitudinal, 39.5″ (100.3 cm) Transverse, 12.75″ (32.3 cm)
22.25″ (56.5 cm) to 34.25″ (87 cm)
15.5″ (39.3 cm)
86.5″ (220 cm)
36″ (91 cm)
563 lbs. (256 kg)
120/230-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
78″ (198 cm) tabletop length / 32″ (81 cm) tabletop width / Lateral cassette holder /
Table-side patient handgrips / Rotating cassette tray
Receptor tilt range:
Vertical travel range, vertical receptor:
Vertical travel range, +90° receptor:
Depth, vertical receptor:
Receptor width:
Receptor height:
Weight, without counterweights:
Power requirements:
VT300 Wall Stand
+90°/ 20°
15.5″ (39.4 cm) to 71.1″ (180.6 cm)
Minimum 25.5″ (64.8 cm)
82.24″ (211 cm)
30″ (76 cm)
27.25” (69.2 cm)
26.5″ (67.3 cm)
765.5 lbs. (347.2 kg)
368.5 lbs. (167 kg)
120/230-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
8″ (20 cm) extension box / Overhead patient handgrips / Rotating cassette tray