MedCurrent is a physician-founded Clinical Decision Support (CDS) company focused on improving the quality of care and managing health system costs through our innovative and scalable solution, OrderWise. Our solution enhances the clinical decision-making process with real-time, evidence-based guidelines integrated at the point of care to improve health and healthcare delivery. Deep healthcare experience, superior technology and business agility make MedCurrent a global leader in CDS solutions.

Clinical Decision Support (CDS) is an initiative to enhance the clinical decision-making process
with on-demand real-time evidence-based guidance to improve health and healthcare delivery.
At MedCurrent, we support our customers to improve quality of care and reduce costs through our
innovative and scalable solution OrderWise ®.


Indication Smart Search
  • Smart search functionality adapts to local requesting trends and behavior over time.
  • Includes 3,000+ medical keywords and synonyms
  • Access appropriate use criteria and clinical guidelines from multiple sources simultaneously.






Streamlined Workflow

  • Logical questions to clarify scenario; never more than two steps.
  • Bi-directional data flow with the EMR or electronic requesting system to eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Additional clinical context provided through value-added integrations.







Real-time Recommendations

  • Evidence-based recommendations with advice text that are easy to understand.\
  • Single-click to confirm, change, cancel a request.
  • Analytics and benchmark snapshot of clinician referral behaviour.





OrderWise® is a decision support mechanism with a universal framework for delivering evidence-based
guidelines to clinicians at the point of care. MedCurrent continues to integrate appropriate use criteria (AUC)
and care pathways from partners internationally, offering customers with the flexibility to align solutions with
local clinical and business needs. This selection of content covers multiple clinical specialties including:
• Radiology (including qPLEs)
• Cardiology
• Oncology
• Lab/Pathology
• Chronic Disease Management

MedCurrent’s Authoring Studio and experienced Professional Services team support the development, endorsement and maintenance of clinical guidelines, enabling the customization required to drive successful
outcomes and facilitate AUC work for those who have achieved qualified provider-led entity (qPLE) status by
the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).