RADspeed Pro V4 package

The RADspeed Pro V4 radiographic system is  equipped with an integrated console that simplifies operations by combining the control console for the X-ray high voltage generator with the control unit for the DR system. You can prepare for the exposure and check the results from either the control room or the examination room, providing excellent workflow.


KMMI KDR®AU System Advanced U-Arm

The compact, efficient KDR™ Advanced U-Arm (AU) System from Konica Minolta Healthcare features an array of advanced design innovations to optimize workflow, increase staff efficiency and improve outcome expediting the diagnostic process and elevating the patient experience. That makes it an excellent option for all settings.


Del Medical OTC 18T

The OTC18T tube crane highlights an advanced, technologist friendly 10.4″ touchscreen console which provides seamless system integration by displaying tube angulation, SID values, and generator control options. Color-coded movement identification buttons provide optimal precision when setting up views. Peaceful and effortless movements are controlled by an electromagnetic braking system enabling fast and secure readjustments of the tube head. Its five-tier telescoping column delivers exceptional vertical movement of 71” (180 cm), capable of performing complete head-to-toe radiographic procedures including upright weight bearing and recumbent table top exams.