Shimazu MobileDaRt Evolution MX7

Shimazu MobileDaRt Evolution MX7

Offering the immediacy of being able to view images only two seconds after exposure, the newest, highly advanced Shimadzu digital mobile X-ray system provides powerful support for healthcare applications.In addition to the outstanding drivability and maneuverability, the main cart unit also includes a large LCD monitor, more storage space, and other features to deliver a new digital mobile X-ray system that is even more indispensable.



  • The main unit can be moved forward or backward by simply operating from the collimator. The technologist can adjust positioning more precisely without moving around the patient bed.
  • Newly accommodated LED light indicates the irradiation field more clearly even in a bright room or day time use. Also, long-life LED reduces energy consumption and frequency of replacement.
  • Pressing “All Free” buttons releases the electromagnetic locks for arm and column at the same time, thus enabling simple one-step positioning. Multiple "All-Free" buttons are located around the system, so the technologist can access from any direction. In addition, extra exposure hand switch can be added to the front of the main unit, which helps reduce the burden on operator.
  • Wireless capability means the system can be used for a variety of applications, from scheduling examinations to physicians interpreting images and diagnosing conditions in routine patient rounds, ICUs, NICUs, emergency rooms, operating rooms, and so on.
  • A light pressure applied to the handle moves the unit in a natural manner like an extension of one's hand. The system maneuvers easily even through tight spaces in the patient room.
  • The compact X-ray tube design does not obstruct visibility during travel to ensure safety.
  • For your daily use, extra storage spaces are provided to store wipes, pens, markers, etc. Grooves have been added for holding the FPD vertically while putting a sterile cover on the unit.

A range of FPD models are available to meet a variety of clinical needs, such as the physical size, sensitivity, data transmission. You may share one FPD with multiple units or you may add another size in the future when needed.A combination with liquid resistant and the lightest weight FPD makes your daily handling much easier.*


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