Giotto Mammography

Giotto Mammography

"Giotto Image" is truly the only mammography system on the market that breaks the mold of the old style mammography units that are physically demanding for the technologist and uncomfortable for the patient.

With all the specialized benefits of the "Giotto Image" Advance Breast Care System the Full Field Digital version has the Second Generation Amorphous Selenium Detector that provides No Ghosting or Refresh time required.

Superior speed, and flexibility (with stereo capabilities included) the "Giotto Image MD" Full Field Digital System is available with a Multi Modality Workstation designed with the user in mind. We incorporate the flexibility of a personal computer and the sophistication of PAC RIS/HIS system. It is able to incorporate any hospital software package into the workstation and interfaces easily with your PAC system. It provides simple yet full featured functions that are easily learned and/or changed per your request.

"Giotto Image MD" is available with either an 18x24cm or 24 x 30 detector. The only System that gives you a choice. In addition, there is substantially less "dead space" in the detector, making positioning all breast tissue easier.


  • Both Detector sizes available: 18 x 24 and 24 x 30
  • Second Generation Detector Technology
  • Substantially Less "Dead Space" in detector
  • No Refresh Time Required
  • No Ghosting
  • Fully Automatic
  • Multi Modality Workstation
  • Works with Hospital Software
  • Tilting Gantry - more breast tissue visualization comfortably
  • Includes Stereo Capabilities (Prone and Upright)
  • Face to Face Positioning option
  • More comfortable for patient and technologistThe "Giotto Image" technology has a patented Tilting Circular Gantry design offering Multiple Approach Positioning capabilities. Uniquely, the only mammography system, in the world, developed specifically to allow face to face positioning as well as the traditional side stance. The new technique is easier for the technologist creating a more pleasant work environment, less stress for the patient due to the face to face contact, with the added benefit of from the Tilting Gantry, providing greater compression, more tissue on the film while being more comfortable for the patient. The patient relaxes as she leans into the machine. The breast is relaxed, pendant and comfortably compressed.The ability of the Technologist to actually visualize the breast as she is positioning makes her job easier and simpler with the added advantage of knowing she has all the breast tissue before the exposure is made. Much less bending and stooping is done with the frontal positioning technique providing far less fatigue, back pain and repetitive motion injuries.

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