With the new GIOTTO IMAGE 3D we are proud to introduce an outstanding mammography unit which combines the Giotto traditional ring shaped gantry for better access to the breast with Selenium2 detector, the most advanced version of the Amorphous Selenium detector.

Clear lines, smooth shapes, rounded edges and a unique circular gantry; an elegant design to help women approach this sensitive examination without anxiety. The 3-D movement, a unique feature of the GIOTTO IMAGE 3D, helps in the visualization of retro mammary tissue, increases the patient`s comfort, adapting the tilting angle of the circular gantry to her anatomy.


  • The elegant circle gantry is the perfect ergonomic design for both your patients and your radiographic staff
  • Innovative in technology, innovative in design

Optimum image quality
The motorized movements of GIOTTO IMAGE 3D with isocentric height control and the preset customizable automatic sequences of views speedup your examination. After each exposure, with a single touch, the system is pre-programmed to move for the next exposure. GIOTTO IMAGE 3D is equipped with a fully automatic AEC able to optimize the image quality, providing the highest contrast with the lowest dose. This leads to the best results independent of breast size or view: the entire detector surface is a sensitive area and the computer is able to disregard the area not covered by the breast. Radiographic staff find the user interface, Raffaello® RWS, intuitive and convenient to use. GIOTTO IMAGE 3D has been designed for high volume workflow: immediate image display, minimal waiting time between exposures, ease of positioning, automatic preset view sequences and motorized isocentric movements. These are just some of the many advanced features of the unit.

Positioning with GIOTTO IMAGE 3D is more comfortable and more flexible than positioning with any other mammography unit. Who else gives you a choice in positioning? You can use the conventional mode, positioning the patient from the side. As an alternative, GIOTTO IMAGE 3D is the only mammography unit that offers you face-to-face positioning: you might find it faster and more effective. Use one or the other depending on the patient’s anatomy: the aim is to optimize image quality quickly and efficiently.GIOTTO IMAGE 3D is not provided with handles. Gripping on handles causes muscle contraction which in turn causes breast retraction: gravity lessens this effect.

GIOTTO IMAGE 3D comes with SCS (Sensitive Compression System) to decrease patient discomfort during breast compression. The computer selects the compression speed sensing the density of the breast.

Working with GIOTTO IMAGE 3D is fast and easy. It fully meets the demands of busy mammography departments with high patient throughputs, such as screening units. Four control panels placed in strategic locations on the unit make it possible to control manual and automatic movements from any position. 11 years of experience with mammography, dedicated direct conversion detectors (Amorphous Selenium) and 6 years of production and development of Full Field Digital Mammography Systems. These are the features that contribute to the superior performance of GIOTTO IMAGE 3D with optimized workflow and enhanced comfort for the best achievable diagnostic results.

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