RADspeed Pro V4 package

RADspeed Pro V4 package

Improved workflow with “Anytime, Anywhere” System Operation


The RADspeed Pro V4 radiographic system is  equipped with an integrated console that simplifies operations by combining the control console for the X-ray high voltage generator with the control unit for the DR system. You can prepare for the exposure and check the results from either the control room or the examination room, providing excellent workflow.

Study information display monitor(Option)

If the optional data display monitor is added to the Bucky stand or mounted on the wall of the examination room, then you can select protocols and check the patient's name and the radiography images on the spot. Up to three data display monitors can be installed.

X-ray tube support
When an examination starts, the patient's name can be displayed on the LCD on the X-ray tube support for easier confirmation. In addition, the post-radiography images can be displayed on the ceiling-mounted X-ray tube support.

Flexible operations with portable FPD
FPD can be combined among fixed FPD(17x17”), portable wireless FPD(14x17”) and portable wired FPD(14x17”). The portable FPD is easy to set up meeting the needs of any examination, whether in Bucky, tabletop, or lateral radiography. A high-sensitive CsI detector can be selected reducing exposure even future

Sophisticated synchronization functions make system operation even easier

The auto-positioning feature is interlocked with the protocols. This function moves the ceiling-mounted X-ray tube support to any desired position at the press of a single button and can automatically set the X-ray tube angle. Effortless tube positioning allows the operator to focus on patient care. Naturally, manual operation is also possible to make fine positioning corrections extremely simple.

Auto stitching-“Speed Stitch” (Option)
Images are taken while swinging the X-ray tube and moving the FPD. These images are automatically stitched together to obtain wide-range images along the body axis instantly.

Removable Grid

Removable grid of stand and table enables lower dose, especially in Pediatric field. The type of grid inserted is displayed on the integrated console and on the LCD of ceiling mounted X-ray tube support.

Auto-filtering (Option)
Select a protocol to suit the type of examination, and the filter in the collimator will change in accordance with the protocol. This ensures the correct filter is always automatically selected.

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