Neusoft NeuViz 64

Neusoft NeuViz 64

The NeuViz 64 is the most recent innovation in CT product offerings. The new design is  focused on minimizing patient x-ray dose while maintaining exquisite image quality. The result is a low-dose CT scanner that delivers high patient throughput, is easy to use, performs advanced cardiac imaging and provides for a wide variety of post processing and diagnostic operations.

Three NeuViz 64 configurations offer cutting-edge technology to match varying imaging needs.

  • 64i: For the radiology department, the 64i delivers 64-slice imaging at a 16-slice price.
  • 64e Basic : Delivers maximum tube power and is upgradeable for cardiac imaging.
  • 64e Cardiac: Neusoft’s most powerful, full-featured cardiac imaging system.


  • Quad-Sampling Technology
  • High-Efficiency Detector
  • ClearView Iterative Reconstruction
  • Low-Dose Design
  • Robust, Low-Dose Cardiac Imaging
  • Powerful Workstation/Range of Applications
  • Intuitive Workflow

A Focus on Low-Dose Design

  • Shape Filter: Removes the x-ray dose that does not contribute to a diagnostic image. It is automatically deployed based upon patient age and weight. Patient dose is reduced without compromising image quality.
  • New Detector Design: Modular design delivers 99.9% x-ray conversion efficiency, enhancing low-dose imaging.
  • 240º Exposure: Dose to the patient is reduced.
  • Organ Safe: Reduces dose to radiosensitive organs — eyes, thyroid and breasts.
  • Pediatric Protocols: Protocols are designed specifically for pediatric anatomy.
  • ClearView: Provides diagnostic confidence to low-dose imaging.
  • Dose Check: Fully implemented Dose Check ensures that a patient cannot be over radiated.
  • 3-D Dose Modulation: Tube current is modulated based on the anatomy in the scan field to deliver an anatomically optimized dose.
  • ECG Dose Modulation: Reduces tube current during non-imaging phases of the cardiac cycle to minimize patient dose.

Optimized, Intuitive Workflow

  • Intuitive workflow and user interface guides the healthcare provider through the study using a “guided tool bar.”
  • High-speed data acquisition and transmission increases patient throughput.
  • Quick, easy-to-use post processing and diagnostic software applications.

Quad-Sampling Technology

By dynamically deflecting the focal spot in both the axial and longitudinal planes, the  NeuViz 64 increases sampling density, improving resolution, reducing artifacts and extending scanning ranges.

High-Efficiency Detector

A patented manufacturing process reduces afterglow (< 2 us) and maximizes dose  efficiency (99.99%). This results in the lowest possible patient dose and superior image quality.









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