Trinias F8/C8 Package

Trinias F8/C8 Package

The synergy between Trinias and medical care providers committed to providing the highest quality medical treatment and interventions leads to better patient-centered care. Reflecting years of experience Trinias has been painstakingly developed in conjunction with our customers.

Experience the Next Frontier of Intervention

Next generation image processing engine SCORE PRO provide fluoroscopy image on par with radiography, based on the concept of reduced exposure.
SCORE Stentview*

SCORE Stentview is software developed specially to support PCI procedures based on real time image processing technology. This is particularly effective for assessing positional relationships between overlapping stents, or when re-expanding a stent using a balloon.

SMART Access
Both the ceiling-mounted C-arm (type C12) and floor-mounted C-arm (type F12) provide a wide range of movement. In particular, with a floor-mounted C-arm, the base has a six-axis triple-pivot construction, which achieves a range of coverage close to that of the ceiling-mounted type.

C8 Wide Coverage Reduces the Burden on Patients
The Ceiling-mounted C-arm is capable of full-body coverage without moving the patient, thanks to a wide 210 cm coverage in the transverse direction and 190 cm in the longitudinal direction. Movement in the transverse direction, in particular, supports a safe radial catheterization approach.

SMART Assist
SMART Assist

Lever type C-Arm Controller CyberConsole and DirectMemory for quick C-Arm positioning provides single-action performance to make system control in the examination room and control room as simple as possible.
SMART Assist

Dynamic Referencing function enables video playback and stopping during fluoroscopy.
SMART Display*
SMART Display

With the large 56-inch high-resolution color LCD/touch panel, the operator can select the optimal display of image data to suit the procedure and treatment.
Safety + Comfort = SMILE
SMILE Dose-eye

SMILE Dose-eye achieves an excellent system-wide tradeoff between lower dose and higher image quality.

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