Trinias C16 Unity

Trinias C16 Unity

The Trinias unity edition Ceiling Mounted system has been developed for optimal support of cardiovascular procedures with easy positioning and excellent visibility of fine blood vessels and devices across the entire field of view. Based on our many years of experience, Shimadzu has added the latest advancements in imaging technology to our Trinias system to achieve the highest quality patient care in interventional procedures. The result is a patient centric experience, free from worry for operators to easily perform all types of interventional procedures. Trinias Unity edition sets the bar high with improved functionality with new hardware and software features that provides simple workflow for cardiac and vascular procedures from head to toe. The system uses Intelligent Design to provide Intelligent Care in minimally invasive procedures. Our technology provides solution to the imaging problems that you face every day .

Transradial Approach
The advanced design of the Trinias unity edition ceiling mounted C-arm provides transverse movement for easy Radial and Brachial approach, providing fingertip-to-fingertip coverage during examinations.

The transverse movement is easily activated by simply moving the C-arm control joystick in the desired direction at any stage throughout a procedure.

SCORE PRO Advance Equipped with advanced functionality for motion tracking noise reduction, and object isolation-based enhancement, the SCORE PRO Advance image processing unit was designed to achieve lower exposure levels and higher image quality. Shimadzu's real-time image processing technology can isolate fine blood vessels, such as micro vascular arterioles during chronic total occlusion angioplasty (CTO) procedures, by enhancing only the target object without sacrificing image quality or increasing exposure dose. Consequently, Shimadzu supports advanced interventional procedures with even higher quality images.

SCORE RSM SCORE RSM is an extremely motion-tolerant DSA technique, achieved through Shimadzu's high-speed digital image processing technology. This application is especially effective for tracking vessels across the entire lower extremities, for 3D imaging in combination with C-arm precession and pendulum modes and for examinations on patients who have difficulty holding their breath.

SCORE MAP Trinias includes a wide variety of roadmap functions that can be selected based on the body area, procedure, and technique in interventional procedures. Because MAP image settings are kept associated with images even after changing the field of view or magnifying the image or after switching to the frontal or lateral views, MAP functionality can be used without repeating exposures for MAP purposes.

SCORE Navi/Navi+Plus  SCORE Navi/Navi+Plus is an application that utilizes preprocedural images to support minimally invasive interventions. By synchronizing the C-arm projections to pre-procedure MDCT images, the system enables these MDCT images to be used as a reference during interventions, reducing contrast media usage and X-ray dose. Automatic registration of the MDCT images with live fluoroscopy images is easily achieved. With the MDCT image overlaying the live fluoroscopy it allows you to adjust the rate of blending. The Navi+Plus application also includes a virtual stent feature that allows you to simulate the stent size and placement position before carrying out a procedure

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