The crystal of the latest technologies from Hitachi of “Open-MRI”, the new generation high field Open MRI has come into the world.


SCENARIA-02222019The Scenaria SE 64/128 CT is available as a 64 or 128 slice model, with available on site upgrade from 64 to 128-slice capabilities. Scenaria SE provides enhanced workflow speed and ease of use to meet the needs of busy CT facilities. Greater patient access and comfort are achieved by combining a wider 75cm aperture, wide 48cm tabletop, 88cm thin gantry and a unique standard lateral shift table that accommodates bariatric patients up to 550 lbs. Scenaria CT offers rapid workflow and excellent 3D visualization capabilities with available TeraRecon iNtuition 3D solutions.




The LISENDO 880 is Hitachi’s premium 2D and 3D diagnostic ultrasound solution for cardiologists in any clinical setting.

The LISENDO 880 platform is redefining the vision for cardiac ultrasound by providing exceptional clinical performance with state of-the-art analysis and feature

MRI Offerings

- Echalon Oval
- Echalon 1.5T


CT Offerings

- Scenaria 64/128


Ultrasound Offerings

- Arietta 850
- Lisenda 880
- Sofia


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